In Order to RECUPERATE, we need to-

– Take responsibility for our healing. We need to want to heal. 

Often there is a SECONDARY GAIN in ‘Not being well”. There is no blame in that, nobody wants to be ill, but patterns evolve over time and sometimes its the only way our bodies can speak up for themselves when we are not able to take care of our needs.

– Healing is a process. There are layers upon layers of healing. Life itself is a healing process.

– Healing is dependant on changing ones’ perceptions and beliefs.

– The body and mind are connected.

– Trauma needs to be let go of from the physical body. (Cellular memory) 

– Physical symptoms are messengers of “dis-ease”. Symptoms are maps to what is needing to change. Again we need to be WILLING and READY to change.

– The body-mind is an integrated mental, emotional, physical and energetic being.